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Default Reaper-made new album Sun Songs

I'm proud to announce the release of my album Sun Songs, eleven original songs, fifty-two minutes of music, now available for download on Bandcamp.


Recorded in Reaper in 2017, performing on my guitars and amp builds (5E3, 5F1, 18w) mostly through mid-side SM57 and figure-8 AT2050, voice through an AT2020, using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

I'd really appreciate your honest feedback on my work--the recording, the mix, the product--as Reaper-users.

Use the discount code "shine" at checkout to get 75% off Sun Songs until November 3rd (or pay more if you want)! So that's $1.75 for the whole album. HALF A CAPPUCCINO! Soon, Sun Songs will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other places but I can't give discounts there...

I hope you enjoy my music, and best wishes to all,

Andrew Thomas Kuster
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