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Default Newbie needs help , midi triggering vst's

I realise that the info I am after is probably on here somewhere. I have tried to read the download for beginners on vst routing, but got confused. I have difficulty with concentration !

I have EZdrummer2, an Akai mpd218 to trigger it, also a Korg Pa1x keyboard that I use to trigger the EZdrummer with the Korg's midi drum styles, and occasionally would use to trigger the chromatic thing on EZdrummer's dream pop.

I now have addictive keys piano which I trigger from the Korg, BUT, the piano also triggers from the Akai and the drums from the Korg. Please could someone explain in simple terms, or point me to a video, showing how I can separate the midi channels so the drums trigger just from the Akai and the piano from the Korg. If I can just learn this task, I can get on with recording and hopefully continue to learn more in the future. Hoping someone will take the time to help me. Mark
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Are you using a single midi hardware port?
If so, you need to set each keyboard or midi source to send on a separate midi channel. For example, drum controller on midi chan 10, piano controller on midi chan 1.

If each midi source has its own port (such as separate USB for each), just make sure you select the correct midi source when arming your track to record. In this case, avoid using 'record from all midi inputs' when you select what port to record from.
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