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Default Audio clip fades out when inserted

I usually write my arrangements and compositions in Finale (Windows) and use the built in Garritan samples and Audacity to generate a so-so audio file. Clients want to hear better audio, so here I am. I'm still learning, so I created a short Midi composition. Pretty straight forward (great program, I tried a bunch). Still using the Aria player and Garritan libs though. I wanted a timpani roll and my fingers are not that coordinated to pound it out, so I used a .wav clip that I already had. Played in Finale, 12 beats. Played in Media Player, 12 beats. Drop into Reaper, 12 beats, but nasty fade out for the last 2 beats. This is supposed to be a BIG timpani sound right to the end so the fade isn't welcome. I checked the properties, and it seems that there are only Fade Outs available?
How do I ensure that the clip does not fade at all?
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