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Default ReaStream / Reamote : what do they do?

The user manual is quite spartan on discussing ReaStream. Can somebody tell me exactly what ReaStream (and possibly ReaMote) actually do, in a practical sense? I am thinking maybe-- can a friend with Reaper (or can they use other DAWs?) add reastream as a plugin to say receive audio into a DAW track, and I put reastream as a plugin to send audio from say a VSTi instrument track, and as I play my VSTi they would see and could record it as an incoming audio track? Or something other? Could I send them an audio mix of what I have (live, with reastream) and perhaps they could remotely play a recorded instrument that could stream into a track on my Reaper DAW and I record it? Just not sure what ReaStream does, or what ReaMote does, for achieving something like this.
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