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Default Map to key 2 not working

Hello, so I recently learned about the existence of map to key 2 after a long time of being frustrated that I couldn't get my drum pad to play the certain sounds I wanted. I finally found a video of a guy explaining how to use the JS called map to key 2 and I don't understand how I didn't find it sooner. So I followed all the steps, made my own key maps and finally got my drum pad to work properly.
Then I go back a day or two later and create a track, add the JS and try playing the sound that's attached to one of my pads and it doesn't work, I go into the text file, change it to something else, save the text file, reload the JS and it still plays the same sound I don't want. It even says that the ouput note is the one I want but it plays the same sound no matter what number I change it to.
So what happened? I did not change anything from when it was working. Am I missing something completely obvious?

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