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Default Render Format and Speed

Hello All

I'm currently trying to make a video using reaper which will be live streamed on YouTube at the end of the month. The video is just over an hour long. I'm not using lot's of fancy effects it's just a string of song videos one after the other with fades and titles at the transitions.

I was wondering what would be the best format for me to render the video in? I have Handbrake so can change the format after rendering eaisily if necessary.

One of my main concerns is render speed, currently I'm getting somewhere between 0.2x and 0.4x real time which means (at 0.2x) it will take about 5 hours to render.

Are there any optimisations I could do to increase render speed? Any and all sugestions gratefully received!

Using Reaper 6.14 64bit on a Windows 10 laptop that's got an i5 processor 12G memory and a mechanical hard drive.

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