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Default Spitfire Labs

I can´t make sound this stuff. No way...
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is this a tip, a trick or a how to?
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Spitfire labs works fine in Reaper
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Are you sure you have Reaper set up correctly for getting sound out to your monitoring from a track with a virtual instrument on & also that you have record monitorinh set correctly? If you are struggling, check out the excellent free User Guide and the equally excellent video tutorials, all free, at reaper.fm.

I am assuming that since this is your first lot of posts, you are new to Reaper, maybe new to DAW software in general.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!
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Assuming you have everything else set up correctly in Reaper (the easiest way to be sure is to add a track using the "add virtual instrument on new track" option) - check the settings on the LABS UI.

There are 4 main controls. The volume is top right (a small slider). Expression is also a kind of volume control and is the left hand fader in the main part of the window. Dynamics is the right hand fader. Move this up if it is too low. The large circle varies depending on the instrument but may also be tweaking.

LABS works fine in Reaper so it must just be a settings issue. If you still have a problem you will need to post up more specifics around what you are doing and what the issue is.
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LABS do work brilliantly in Reaper BUT I had massive trouble getting them to work and I think it was due to the installation procedure. They do have their own system of download and installation and I got in a dreadful muddle when I tried to move all my VSTs to a new location. To be honest I don't know what I did to solve it exactly but there was a lot of deleting of files involved to try and get back to my original setup. Seemed best to let LABS procedure to chose location etc.

Sorry this is not more helpful but does this ring a bell at all? BTW it is worth any effort - they sound lovely.
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