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Default multiple OSC send messages are not accepted by mixer

I did an OSCIIbot script that communicates with an XR18 Rack mixer.

Here I found this glitch:

When I send two (or more) OSC messages directly one after by oscsend() none if them is recognized by the mixer.

I tried to increase the delay with @output (e.g. 1000): I see the waiting in the log but no reaction of the mixer.

I tried to do sleep(1000) between the oscsend()s: I see the waiting in the log but no reaction of the mixer.

Finally I used @timer to send each message on its own: This does work.

I suppose the OS catenates the UDP messages OSCIIbot sends out and the mixer is unable to handle multiple messages in a single UDP block (I will verify this with Wireshark on request).

Is this a known problem ?

Is there a better way to handle it ?

Could OSCIIbot be enhanced to hide this problem from the users ?

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There's something wrong in your code. OSC commands are sent in bundles, if more than one command is generated at the same time. So, using @timer isn't necessary. Check your code.
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