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Default HEADS UP!! - A nice Reverb for 5$

Guys Audio Assault has a very nice Reverb for sale and it is a LinuxVST for just $5.


The offer gives you an extra free plugin, for Linux they have:

Duality for Bass (Bass Amp)

Get both for just $5 using the code XMAS. Offer ends soon.

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I picked up Duality a few days ago great bargain, it's a good palette of usable tones but I experienced a few bugs wich seems to confirm what I read in the past (probably at KVR) about Audio Assault, they tend to be buggy.

It shows up in Xubuntu but not in Manjaro go figure.

Also, when floating or unfloating the FX, The noise gate gets turned up to maximum, you have to redial the gate everytime or no sound comes out.
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I reported the Duality Noise Gate bug a few weeks ago. Then I went to their Facebook page and messaged them directly. The rep on the Facebook page said they probably know what it is and they're going to fix it right away.

Also the input and output levels keep resetting themselves to around 75%. It seems that's part of the same bug.
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