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Default control surface with Reaper and Presonus Studio 192

I am a self taught newb and am figuring out stuff as I go. I am recording acoustic instruments with mics ( Occasionally a mic'd cab) but no MIDI no software instruments, no drum tracks etc. usually using about 4 to 8 of my inputs.

I am using Reaper and a Presonus Studio 192 with Presonus Universal Control software. I have the monitoring turned off in Reaper so that when recording, I am using UC and when I am mixing or doing any play back, it's through Reaper, or at least I think this is what is happening. I am open to this changing or being different.

I hate using the UC to set levels and mixes on screen. And I am not crazy about using my mouse and the virtual controls of the the software when mixing in reaper.

Is there a good compatible control surface that could make my life easier? I am not sure how they work or how they are hooked up. I also read that maybe my setup with Reaper and the Studio 192 is great together or with a control surface. I am not open to buy a different interface and I kind of like reaper so I would prefer to keep that too but.... I feel like real life faders and knobs would suit me better than mousing.

Thank you all for any input you might offer!

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Human being with feelings
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Should I post this q somewhere else? Not getting any traction.
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