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Default Reaper Chord Track

Looking at the date of the first project I posted on this, it's been almost 4 years since I made a working example of a real-time Reaper project containing a chord progression that forced MIDI and Audio tracks to conform.

Link to Project

I'm wondering why this isn't a big factor to anyone here. Many praise tools like RapidComposer and the like, but tools like that do not affect audio clips.

Cubase was the first with a Chord Track. Studio One even has its own Chord Track.
I bet both of them has had their issues, but they at least started with something.

Reaper Developers, Scriptors, etc. please start giving more attention to such workflows NATIVELY. The capabilities are already there. Just some love and team-work needs to be applied to the goal.

Look at how heavy MusoBob is going on his ReaTrack workflow, using tools like Band in a Box.

Like Really?

No one should have to make so many crazy 3rd party workflows for such common/modern composing features, that Reaper for the most part is already capable of performing.

I'm trying not to make this come off as a rant. But really, am I just wasting my time even bringing this up?
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There's a sizeable list of features that a majority of users seem to agree are no-brainers, like this, but which Cockos haven't shown any inclination to work on. Whether that's from a lack of interest, or maybe because of technical challenges with how the existing code works, nobody can say.
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Michael AD
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I agree - this would be very useful.
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Tracktion has chord support. Cakewalk has no chord progression, but at least pitch markers (MIDI/audio able to follow it).

Is REAPER the only DAW which think that "pitch" is no so important for Music?
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Would like to see something like this too.
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I think that while Reaper does not have a native polyphonic pitch engine, there is no point in talking about something like a chord track of the Studio One4 level.
At the moment, the closest available way to change the notes inside a chord (I mean audio, not midi) is to use Melodyne. But this is still far from the full-fledged chord track.
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Default Reaper cannot .... ?

Reaper has ARA, which may be the one of the best polyphonic pitch engines and is also able to detect a sample's key.
Anyway, there's also, most likely, some open source library for this stuff as well (if ARA doesn't easily communicate such data through its API).
Either way, if multiple DAWs have been able to do it for years, why cannot Reaper?

The test project I did which forced monophonic audio and midi notes to conform to a chord progression was done 4 years ago,
that's a whole college degree/military enlistment worth of time.

It's features like this that make digital ITB musicians feel a major lacking, when we know music theory and see tools floating around of various other DAWs
which cater to ITB composition. It's pretty much becoming a standard nowadays.

We stay hopeful with Reaper for one reason: Love.

While other DAWs tend to have a lot of features that I have access to (e.g. Studio One, Ableton, FL Studio, Sonar, Audition, etc), and know very well,
I prefer Reaper be my canvas.

I've been tweaking, making toolbars and menus, etc, doing the best I can do to adapt certain workflows
to this platform. But with this, there's just no way around it.

I need... We need the help of the Reaper Devs.

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