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Default Removing click from playback track

I have a problem that i think is easy to solve, but i still didn't figure out the best way to do this...
i want to completely remove the click from a backing track and i have the click sound isolated.
So i think the best way to do this is by phase cancellation, right?
Problem is: the backing track tempo is 215 BPM, and some of the clicks are not 100% in time, so i can't just paste each isolated click on a new track at 215 BPM and invert phase, because some of them are still going to be audible.

Is there a way to snap each isolated click sound (with phase inverted) to the clicks in the backing track?
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You can probably move each misaligned inverted clicks so they line up correctly? If there's a lot of them it might be quicker to tempo map the source to have the grid (or perhaps MIDI) help you.
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Or select them all and set note properties to zero volume? Works for me, but not if you want to keep a click afterwards.
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