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Default Tracks loosing their MIDI device permanently

This happens on all latest versions (say 5.90 upwards)

* Steps how to reproduce

You will need a Project with MIDI tracks

You need a MIDI track and you need to lose contract with that midi device; usually power off will do, or USB disconnect.

* Post error/crash messages!

The error is that the old MIDI device will be listed as N/A and the new MIDI device will exist. The track will point to a blank MIDI device while the old one is N/A and at the same time you will have a new MIDI device available...

In essence, the track(s) will lose their MIDI device + you will have two MIDI devices with their ports in the MIDI Devices list in Options.

Is this an annoying behavior? In my case,, it is more than annoying; I end up with a dozens tracks where I personally don''t even remember on which MIDI device they should go... Just take a MOTU Midi Express 128; 8 ins and 8 outs... You have to follow each wire again and see on what everything connects, and try it out. I personally have over 40 MIDI devices listed, so that makes Reaper yet again quite unreliable...

Is it a new issue? no. But, the fact that it lists N/As and Availables in double *IS* a new issue...
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