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Adrian Ursu
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Default Need some opinions about my mix

Hi ! I play guitar in a rock/alternative band and for some reasons (budget also) I have to mix our 10 tracks album. I have some experience but I never finished a mix, now it's the first time when I'm doing this seriously.
I would like to know some opinions that could help me improve this mix. I don't want to compete with those expensive productions, just want a decent sound and be ready to move to the next track.
I worked in the box in my home studio.

Here's my demo :


Thank you !
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sounds pretty damn good for a first serious effort
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Your mix is good. The main thing I've heard since the first time listening is that the mix is really hard and almost too in your face even on the soft parts. I think everything is compressed too much where the guitars and vocals have to be heard all the time at 100% instead of kind of taking turns. I also think the guitars and vocals are fighting too much for the same EQ space and could definitely use some EQ separation and some different reverbs on different sections. The vocals and guitar seem too loud throughout the whole mix, they are so up front that the rest get very drowned. It could use some different guitar sounds (different amps, pedals, pickups, guitars etc...) so it doesn't have as much of a live feel. Very nice job and you've done well and with a couple production/mix things you've got an awesome product. If you want some help or more ideas just PM me.
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James HE
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I think the clean guitars are too "direct" or maybe just too loud. I'd rather they they be in space that isn't right in my head.

Overall sounds really good!

You have some great sounding tracks to work with.
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Adrian Ursu
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Thank you for your replies ! I agree with your suggestions and ideas ; I couldn't hear those issues because sometimes I can't listen objectively, maybe I should take a break for a day or two.

camerondye : I don't think I can use other guitar gear for this song but I will experiment with the other 9 tracks. And I know what your saying about the live feel...I think I was too insecure to treat different parts with different approaches. I appreciate your help.

James HE : you're right about those clean guitars. I listened the song with different speakers and I heard the problem.

Anyway..I reuploaded the track after I did a few changes regarding guitar compression & eq, but maybe quite subtle for now.

Thanks again for your comments.
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I glad I saw that you re-uploaded because I wasn't hearing hardly any of the things being suggested. I could hear the bass more prominent, but I think that's just a preferential thing. Otherwise, very good mixing, I feel.
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