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Default REAPER not reading preset folders

I rarely use presets, so it wasn't until Townsend Labs released their new version of the Sphere L22 plugin with some presets that I was interested in using that I noticed REAPER doesn't seem to read subdirectories in a plugin's preset directory. I can only see presets at the top level of the directory and no folders. I can't even select them manually because I can't find an Import option for presets — only an Export.

Can this be right? This is like a 1982 kind of issue isn't it? No subfolders for presets? Really? Tell me I'm doing something wrong here.

macOS Mojave, REAPER 6.21
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Preset loading is a function of the plugin not of Reaper isn't it?

According the manual there is an import button for this on the plug.
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