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Human being with feelings
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Default "Standard" chord progressions


I think it is probably a dumb (or "noob") question, but I have really hard time to figure the chord progressions that people are playing (and I have the feeling it is awkward to ask). So each time I end by playing a melodic comping (because at least I can manage to find a key that match), even if it would be more "useful" to the music that I would play chords/rhythmic.

Are there some "really" common chord progressions that most people play?

Thanks in advance for any answer.
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Beat Machine
Human being with feelings
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Default try to simplify

rock guitar theory

look at the E string

the notes are E A B
thats 1 4 5

now on the A string

the notes are A D E
thats 1 4 5

do you see how they are related and "interchangeable"
so you can put those 2 together or substitute them

the "jazz comp"
is 2 5 1

it starts to look like
2 5 (4) 1,..11 9 7 1 , just keeps mutating

singer song writers who play guitar are quite fond of any combo of
F always in there chorus
throw in an A minor somewhere

finger a magor scale
count the note intervals
thats the progression

the thing you are missing is related to intervals
thats probably your best avenue of learning
..fri 13th .
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Human being with feelings
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And don't be afraid to ask! Wait a bit for a reply, sometimes people aren't watching chat. If you're afraid to disturb but want to play along, you can turn your transmit off -- but remember to turn it on again when you want to be heard... it can be embarrassing if you forget...
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.
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Human being with feelings
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Thanks to both of you for your answers. I'll try the progressions proposed by Beat Machine, and if it doesn't work, I'll ask
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Beat Machine
Human being with feelings
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Default thank you actually for responding

people dont do that enough,
.its nice to feel useful

let us know how it goes
..fri 13th .
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well, I still htink useful to post a list ...a big, huge, ever changing list of things to jam, so that there could be ideas. These i have done with friends and others are things I have played with others on servers.

Blues all kinds, from minor to major blues and jazz y blues(, even 8 bar new orleans blues should be fun to jam to)
some jazz tunes that work a charm:
st. thomas
lady bird
cantaloupe island
500 Miles High
all of me (for this one or any 32 aaba song form you need to leave BPI at 16 but halve the tempo and vbe VERY patient)
first four chords of the progression to isn't she lovely (Stevie Wonder)
Any guajira or latin music based chord progression: i-iv-V-IV for son, or the so called "phrygian" one (i-bVII-bVI-V7)
also, the first section of the song Morning, by Clare Fischer.

for now I ran out of ideas, but I am sure there are many, many more.

edit, more ideas:
when the saints go marching in
Sugar Stanley Turrentine
swing 39 (django and friends)
also, many things from neo soul which have interesting, short vamps, such as:
Jill Scott - how it'd make you feel
and cross my mind:

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