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Originally Posted by ajaym View Post
I really must have a play with this exceptional piece of work!. Regarding jitter with feedback, when I wrote a BCR2000 control surface for Reaper waaayyy back some users reported this problem which turned out to be associated with the 'deadband' setting for the BCR. If set too low it processed the feedback message while still being moved. Otherwise with the default the BCR was smart enough to ignore feedback until the source rotary had stopped moving and the deadband timeout had expired.

I don't know if the X-Touch has this configurable. If not, it may be necessary to add this functionality to ReaLearn, perhaps, so that it does not send feedback until an idle time elapses from input ceasing. Otherwise the control 'fights' the feedback.
Would like to pop in and say, that the fix for me, was to open the X-Touch Edit app, and change the encoder settings from "Absolute", to "Relative 1", and updating to the "Pre Release". : )

edit: and discovering that some FX parameters change the "Step Size" option into "Speed" for some reason, which breaks the previous fix : (

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