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Default Is There A Way To Have All Notes Displayed On Midi Keyboard

Hi all! I've looked online through word searches as well as the options in the 'view' tabs in program.

So when I pull up any midi event and see the 'piano roll' and virtual keyboard on the left, is there any way I can get all the virtual white and black keys to display their actual notes and numbers?

By default it shows only the 'C' notes 'C0', 'C1', 'C2', etc, and since their number designations start at C and not A, it sometimes throws me off and messes with my work flow when I need to move notes around as needed.

I need this ability because I use several drum libraries to layer my sounds and just copy the midi roll down to each track for each different drum library. But while (making up an example) most of them might hit a certain crash at say 'C3', another library might need me to move all the notes that are at C3 to F#2 to get that same kind of crash sample. I'm just making up an example but this is what I need to do and having the keys labeled will make it quicker and easier instead of always having to count the keys and see where I'm moving the midi notes to.

I would think there has to be a way but I couldn't find the options anywhere to do this. But if possible I'd like to see a read-out for every note all the way up on all the keys white and black.

Thanks all!
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