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Default "Render" file names default

After giving Reaper a shot and liking it, I suggested to my Father-in-law that he might like it better than other software he's been using (note, he's a 91 year young fiddler and guitarist and song writer).

On my version of Reaper (we are both using VS 4.78), when I provide a name and save a Project, the Name of the Project defaults into the RENDER file name. This is not true with my F-I-L's installation. It seems stuck on some prior Project Name and he has to remember to overtype it when he Renders it.

It's not a big deal, but when dealing with a 91 year young musician who is uncomfortable with technology, he starts believing the world is ending LOL.

I can't seem to see any real significant differences in the settings between my options and his, yet mine defaults the way it should.

Any help would really be appreciated.
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There are a few ways of starting Reaper.

The default is for Reaper to load up along with the last project you were working on.

You can also start Reaper so that it creates a new project on opening. This is how I do it, and maybe you do it. And how your FIL should doo it. It seesm that he loads it using the default.

If you go to the Reaper directory, you should be able to make a shortcut to the "Reaper (create new project)" option.
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Default Thank You!

I'll play around with that and see what happens.
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