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Default Sending MIDI from controller to Reaper to Outboard Gear & Changing Channels Remotely

Hi everyone!

I'm not really new to Reaper but I've recently returned to it from Ableton Live as I've gone to a mostly outboard gear setup with several synths and drum machines and effects and a multitrack audio interface.

I have all my MIDI gear connected to a 1-in 12-out MIDI hub, and my goal is to have my controller keyboard, the Keylab Essentials 61, able to control all that gear by simply changing the MIDI channel *from the controller* to choose different synths.

I have everything working fine as long as I change the MIDI channel in Reaper's routing window, but selecting "send to original channel" doesn't allow me to do what I'm aiming to do, which is change the channel on the Keylab and it will be read by the appropriate synth. So I figure that's not the setting I want but anyway hopefully you understand the predicament.

*EDIT: the Keylab is connected through USB. It might be that the MIDI channel selector is only for DIN MIDI, which I'd need an adapter to get to work. I'm hoping there's some solution that would allow me to do this from USB MIDI.

NEVER MIND I GOT IT I HAD THE OUTPUT SENT TO THE WRONG DEVICE DUH. So maybe I am a noob after all? Heh. Have a good day.

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