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Default Track Leakage

I'm getting bleed thru on my tracks, but I don't suspect Reaper necessarily.
I'm using a Focusrite 2i2 interface with the latest driver as my record / playback device and it seems to be ok.

Is track leakage something everyone has to contend with, or is it just my setup?

I searched Reaper forums and didn't find any specific post to my problem.
If you can give me some sort of clue of where to begin researching, that would be
in all other ways....awesome.

Thanks for reading my question.

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How bad is it? (What's the dB level of the real and leaked signals?)

It would have to be on the analog (or acoustic) side of things.

It's possible that it's happening inside your interface. But it should be better than 40dB or so...
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Is the track with "bleed through" perhaps set as a folder?
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