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Default Review a recording while recording?

Is there any way to do this?

I would like to be able to keep recording, but then like select a section of something I just recorded on this same Take and listen to it without having to stop, play, reposition the cursor, and record again.

When we're tracking in the basement, we're all in the same room. I have some headphones that give good enough isolation for tracking and actually sound pretty good (I understand them) on their own. The isolation isn't good enough, though, that I can actually tell what's going to Reaper while somebody's actually playing in the room. So we record a bit, they stop, I listen, make adjustments, then get recording going again. I hate that process. Part of it is that I haven't found the right combination of actions to make it run smoothly, but a lot of it is that I just don't want to stop rolling if I can avoid it. I don't like having breaks in the items and gaps in the timeline and the potential for accidental overlaps which are extremely embarrassing in the default monitoring mode.

I'm half afraid this is not going to be something we can actually do via actions or scripts. I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Some sort of sampling plugin might do it, but that seems just silly. Recording it in two different places at once. But actually...
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This any help ? (didn't try myself)

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That actually just might. I have an unreasonable fear of project tabs due to some past trauma, but it does seem like the simplest solution. I'd need to figure out the routing so that I can listen to the edit track while the performers listen to the live. That's pretty simple of course. I probably wouldn't do much editing, but it would be nice to jump back and set the song start marker more precisely or review something to find a noise or whatever.
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