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Default Script: MIDI Dynamics

HeDa MIDI Dynamics

Inspired by JS: General Dynamics, this is my first MIDI script... I think. Because I had to update HeDaScripts Manager to support installing the action in the MIDI editor section ID.

It's easy to use. It's like a Compressor/Expander for MIDI velocities. It modifies selected notes velocities from input(x axis) to output(y axis) values defined in the graph
  • Select notes and run the script from the MIDI Editor. Used velocities are highlighted in the graph with a different color.
  • Draw the new "curve" by mouse click and drag. Velocities are modified when releasing the mouse button. Keep drawing segments until you are satisfied. Original input values are remembered until you close the script or you click the "Get MIDI notes again" button
  • Done. Close the script window

Pre release available for VIP members. Install from HeDaScripts Manager as usual
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