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Default is there a way to have multiple FX chains in a track?


Is there a standard/simple way to switch between multiple FX chains on a track?

I tend to use variations on four electric guitar sounds:
  1. Crunchy, twangy sound for general strummy/picked chords and surfy, Shadowsy melodies
  2. Clean for funky chikka-chikkas and 70s porn wah
  3. Marshall stackish for chugga-chugga riffing and bluesy noodling (Angus!)
  4. High-gain lead for widdles, dives and tapping shenanigans

The electric guitar's input track template is set up with:

Input FX:

ReaTune (UI embedded in TCP)

Track FX:
  • GxAmplifier-X
  • ExpGate 2
  • ReaComp
  • GxAmplifier-X
  • ExpGate 2
  • ReaComp
  • GxAmplifier-X
  • ExpGate 2
  • GxTubeScreamer
  • GxAmplifier-X
  • ExpGate 2
  • ReaEQ

I'd like to group the above into individual FX chains and switch betweeen them, eg:
  1. Crunchy twang: GxAmplifier-X, ExpGate 2, ReaComp
  2. Clean chikka/wah: GxAmplifier-X, ExpGate 2, ReaComp
  3. Chugga-chugga: GxAmplifier-X, ExpGate 2
  4. High-gain lead: GxTubeScreamer, GxAmplifier-X, ExpGate 2, ReaEQ

The only way I've found to switch between them is using Snapshots, which are great for a lot of things but not so great for this.

Any ideas?
Dave - formerly Socket

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