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Default Getting started?


I don't know if this is the right place to ask this - but I just watched this video

and I kinda loved the idea of not only learning something that will probably become more standard over time (?) but I am wondering if learning more about ambisonics and using plugins/IRs that are compatible will

make it so I can take a mono guitar recording

send it through an ambisonic reverb with a sample of a tunnel (kinda like in the vid)

pan it so that the guitar is coming from way back in the tunnel

and then pan two vocals that are coming from either side of you but closer in the tunnel

and that it mixes down in a more pleasing way (obviously it wont be ACCURATE because it's only 2ch but I mean PLEASING or at least a different perception) even in stereo than it would if I used conventional reverb

(and of course would be compatible with surround should I go that route)

if that is possible, is there a good "getting started" guide that would apply to me? I'm not yet looking into actually convolving sounds - I'm more talking about the end usage, and if this scenario is something that works with ambisonics.

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