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Default Automatic fades on new items and splits won't stay ticked! (Don't occur!)

This is really strange but now it's happened enough times for me to know I'm not crazy.

Randomly my autofades will stop working and I notice immediately

Then, I go to settings and see that the following tick boxes in project -> media item defaults are unticked that should be ticked and that I last left ticked

They are:

1.Create automatic fade-in/fade-out for new items and when splitting


2. Overlap and crossfade items when splitting

So why won't these 2 settings stay ticked? Super bizarre and every so often causes me to make some edits I have to go back on.

What's weird also is that when this last happened I tried running the action SWS/AW: Fade in/out/crossfade selected area of selected items which did nothing either!

After re-ticking the boxes and closing and open Reaper everything's back to normal but it's only a matter of time I suppose! Any ideas on what's going on here?


Working on a project right now and even though they are checked again autofades on splits won't work with the take system! Autofades on the beginning and end of new recordings aren't working either.

So they are both ticked now but are failing to work.

The SWS crossfade action started working again though.

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There are some actions that toggle these preferences, e.g.

"Options: Toggle auto-crossfade on split" (and disable/enable-specific modes)


"Item: Toggle enable/disable default fadein/fadeout" (and disable/enable only)

Probably either you're running those, or some reascript/custom action is?
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Hey Justin! Thanks for your response! I did some testing and think I found the issue and don't quite understand but maybe it's a script bug?

It seems like the issue is coming from MK slicer 80icio mod as I was just able to cause the bug twice within a few minutes of messing around with it.

Once when working with the script with preferences pinned on top I saw the script toggle the 2 options off making them unticked in this case.

Then I did some more testing and closed Reaper and when I opened a new session with nothing running they were unticked, even though they were ticked at closing.

The first thing makes me think it's the script but the 2nd instance makes me think otherwise. What do you think?

I thought maybe it had to do with undo states with the script, but then why would it the preferences both be unticked when they were ticked when I closed Reaper?

I did some testing and found it being caused by MK Slicer (80icio MOD) for sure https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=252455

I posted in the thread so I imagine it can be fixed

hmmmm now I can't recreate today. Could it be something else?

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