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option for not seeking playback when click on ruler in ME
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I think this is an appropriate place to put this, as it IS directly MIDI related.
Track Envelopes - add MIDI Learn, PM and UI boxes

I'm surprised this isn't already IN Reaper. I see there's been requests for this for years now. Using actions is ... not ideal, to say the least.
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Originally Posted by rmm View Post
im not shure if it is possible, but i own 3 MIDIdevices that can send Controller Values above 127.
for example 128.
and some Controllers go as high as 255.

Those Values above 127 are described in the usersmanual.
for example 129 would be a function called "Channel Fine Tuning"
No, they can't. They might display values like that, but they can't send (nor receive) values > 127, because MIDI standard simply doesn't allow this. If your other device shows a value of 128, the lowest value probably is 1 (not 0).

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Default Midi CC Replace record mode

Hi, here is a request to add a new mode\or parameter to allow us to record midi cc in replace without erasing note.
For example: record midi note and then midi c.c in loop without erasing the note but just the C.C
Cause now: Replace mode erase midi note when touch the modweel for example.
And in overdub the midi C.C get add on the top of each other.

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I find it strange that we're getting stuff like Notation on the way, when basic channel editing is still languishing compared to sequencers that I used in Atari days.


The ones that stick out majorly:
+ no more sequential identical values when drawing in the controller channel editor.
+ allow the line tool to DRAW controller values (see Issue 838, here, for more pics); and whilst drawing a) Erase underlying values, b) Change density of data depending on 0-127 resolution avoiding build up of sequential identical data

I've moved to using ReaMIDIControl, but it's fiddly and not as integrated as the Midi Editor view. Also, I can't record into these envelopes (I think? I could be wrong here...)
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It looks as if the integration of midi hardware is not in the focus of the majority of the reaper community and therefore also in the scope of the devs.

Bug reports regarding these topics are mostly ignored, questions are not answered in the community, and some days ago I found that one (at least for me) of the mostly annoying bugs regarding midi (always send spp when sending midi clock) was there (and of course notified) from the very beginning of midi in reaper.
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Here's a new request I put together. It's a rather detailed post, but in practice, it's much faster to use than what we have now.

FR: Faster Bank & Program Change Entry & Editing:
Please check out these MIDI requests: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=103192
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We should be able to decrease the width of left-side piano roll graphic, to gain more space.

Load Scales dialog does not remember last visited folder. I don't want it to look in REAPER Resources/Data, I created my own folder, REAPER Resources/Scales, that I want it to look into.
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Reordering pitch names via drag and drop, Cubase-like? I think I said it before...
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Things that I'd like so far as I dig a little deeper into the midi capabilities of Reaper.

Using one midi track to fire 16 channels of midi to a software sampler is great, but these channels need to have the option for naming, selection, soloing and muting from inside the midi editor.

At the moment a midi filtering plugin has to be used. It works but this will streamline the process within one page.

We need a record button on the midi editor transport. Yes, there is a workaround, but I don't quite understand the logic behind omitting this.

I would like to be able to custom colour portions of the piano roll, to help identify more easily different types of samples on one midi channel, or key switches etc.

Grooves need to be built in, managed and organised from the midi editor. When a groove is loaded the grid lines should move to correspond the with position of the groove. This makes it easier to input midi via a mouse and be within groove without having to keep hitting Quantise.

I recall that was how cubase dealt with it.

Notes recorded in at the end of a looping midi part seem to create a note at the start of the bar if it overhangs the end. This needs a fix. A tad annoying to keep having to delete them.

That's about all I personally need to be happy at the moment.

(edit)..oh and a solo per key function...

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For some reason THIS THREAD http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=159635 is not stickied.

Have a read and then post something to bump it back up the top.
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Would you consider adding this to the list?


It's probably the only thing standing in the way of Reaper's MIDI being perfect for me. Then again, I have very meager needs.
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Nice idea, +1 with this one
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Default Midi export remembering last visited folder

Just a minor thing and I hope I'm not repeating anyone, but it would make more sense if exporting midi would remember the last folder saved in.
Every midi export, even within 1 session, resets the base folder resulting in having to browse to the desired folder each time.
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I think the main source of MIDI FRs these days is the V5 MIDI bugs thread... I'll look out a link.


Some interesting and productive stuff in there.
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whoops, ok thanks!
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I missed this sticky when I recently posted 10 different MIDI FRs here:
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Default Auto assignment of MIDI channels on SMF import

Please, auto-assignment of MIDI in and out channels for tracks when importing SMF's and exploding them to separate tracks.

Seems an utter waste of time to have to go and set them individually, when the channel metadata already tells Reaper what channel they should be on.

Sure, you can change them later if you want to, but why have all tracks with absolutely no in/out assignments as default?
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Default See MIDI as waveform view

I've just created a thread for a new request here:
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Default Rename MIDI channels

I use different midi channels for different articulations.

Notes are colored by MIDI channel.

To change articulations I use custom keyboard shortcuts (Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, etc) that set the channel of selected notes. Its fairly quick workflow.

The only problem is that I have to open VSTi to see what channel/color is mapped to which articulation.

Ability to (re)name MIDI channels would be really helpful for this.

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Default Reversing polarity of relative Midi control message modes

I have an arturia beatstep that allows me to have relative modes set up on the knobs.
I have this set up to control plugins. The only combination of the arturia's relative modes and the relative modes in reaper that work in the correct direction require over 5 full knob rotations to get from minimum to maximum on any effect knobs.

There is a mode combination that works at the speed i need, but the direction of the knobs is the opposite to what i need.
If i turn the knob clockwise on the controller, it goes anti clockwise on the effect.

Is it possible to add a "reverse polarity" option ticker box when assigning midi control cc?
The other possible idea is allowing a -3+3, -5+5 and -10+10 increment option (i have no idea if this is even possible)
Thanks for your time 🙂
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