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Default More plugins in unison on same track (SOLVED)

Not sure if it's a bug, but just in case... I'm testing the current Linux build (5.77rc1 rev 889653) and noticed that I cannot have multiple plugins in unison on the same track anymore; only the top one in the list gets the note on messages.It was an useful feature for example to get more fat sounds with multiple slightly detuned instances of the same synth, or build more complex sounds layering different patches, and as far as I can remember it worked both under Windows and Linux up to a while ago. Is that a bug or there's an option for that function I accidentally turned it off? Thanks!

ps- So far I'm very pleased of how the Linux port works, keep up the great work guys!

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The first VST probably doesn't output the MIDI data it receives. Right click on the in/out button (next to Param) and select either "Merges with MIDI bus" or "MIDI output disabled" in the MIDI output submenu.

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That was it, thanks!
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