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Default track envelope LFO follows FX copy but doesn't show

this is what I did where I think there is a bug :
- insert FX on a track, for example a VST synth
- touch a control, then Param -> show track envelope
- modulate the parameter with LFO

- copy the FX to another track

- the control of the FX's copy is still modulated by a LFO, but you can't find it with "show all active track envelopes". You have to repeat "touch the control -> Param -> show track envelope" and then you find the LFO already engaged.

Is it possible either :
- for the track envelope to appear directly with "show all active track envelopes" ?
- to discard LFO when copying FX ; it seems anywway that FX-related track envelopes do not follow FX copies.
Thanks a lot !
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