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Default old-style Jungle called "Remebering The Rain" using mostly Reaper plugins

Something made using almost entirely Reaper plugins. Really impressed at how much nicer the filters and bit-crushers are than all those other plugins I would have downloaded years ago. The paranoia mangler with the "love" setting is awesome, and modulating the "jive" parameter really gives things some nice grit that sounds like the old-style sounds. The mangler is great for breaks. I think I will try to use Reaper plugins first and keep this laptop free of all that other junk.
So I used a Casio ctk-2090 keyboard which is nice for electric piano and synths, and ran that into a roland cube on some of the drum and other tones to make the effects. For a supposedly cheapo keyboard it sounds much better than the Imposcar synth I had relied on years ago.
Finally putting the JS express bus compressor on the master and ran it through an old Sony hifi tape deck I got for $10, which really glued together the sound and gave it more of an analog feel. It is not limited or anything else, except for a bit of JS Presence EQ to bring up the high end. I am not good at post-production, rather just make something and move on before it gets stale.
All in all it was great to feel a more "old-school approach" where stuff was coming together in a way that sounded like how it used to be, and pretty darn fast.

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I really like this. But I'm a sucker for anything 90s UK. Maybe a bit of variety? I was listening to state of mind by big bud the other day and as good as it is it is monotonous as f.
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