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Default Setting to only ever render time selection?

(or only ever entire project.)

* Request
Would love to be able to set that as the default for new projects, I only ever render only the time selection that starts at the beginning of the timeline, and ends at the end of the song.

Sometimes it switches to "Entire Project", and I don't notice until it's rendering.

I set this to "Time Selection", but sometimes it seems to revert to "Entire Project" on its own:

* Benefit
This would save me time. I imagine it would save others time. It's a hassle when I go to output something and it starts rendering the whole project. Then I have to stop it, and start the render again, and set "Time Selection" in the Render Options window.

I even only want to output the time selection when I'm outputting the whole song. Because I use the area to the right of the song on the timeline as a sort of "staging area." Sometimes I forget to delete that, and the render I get is to the end of that, not to the end of the time selection.

* Reason
I usually use a template that has that set as the setting. But sometimes I don't use the template.

The reason I don't always use the template is this:

My template has a lot of tracks with a lot of instruments and a lot of specific settings. It takes a bunch of seconds to open up. So I don't use it if I'm doing a test on one thing, like a new VST.

But sometimes the VST tests evolve into songs. I think that's where rendering full project when not expecting to, because I"m expecting that setting to be where I want it.

* Implementation Suggestion
just add a switch in the Preferences under Render to only ever render the Time Selection (or Entire Project, or whatever.)

This could, of course, be overridden on a per-use basis at the Render Options window when rendering.
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