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Default an emu on the loose

Greetings... this is an amazing site!
Sorry to begin my stay here with a display of raw ignorance, but it's unavoidable....
I have an EMU 1616 cardbus system that uses a DSP patchmix ap to route the in's and out's on an external microdock converter box. Can I bypass the patchmix and control the converter routing directly from Reaper? Since I mostly don't know what I'm doing, I suspect it may be easier to work with the ASIO from the patch mix ap and bring that in. I was wondering if anyone has experience with configuring Reaper to monitor an EMU cardbus or DSP output.

One reason I expect possible problems is that when I first set up with the bundled "For Emu" LE programs, it took a few reboots before they were able to access the data stream. I've read the Reaper manual and the configuration details look a little sketchy to a neophyte like me.

I may not know much but I can tell already I'll be a LOT happier with Reaper than any of the 3 LE programs I now have! (If I can get it configured).

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