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Default looking for Rock Funk guitarist.

i have some songs that need 6 strings with emotion and attitude.
songs are instrumental old school rock, omage to p-funk.
would prefer someone (heres where the crowd goes mild!!!.!), over the age of 40 and a fan
or knowledge of joe walsh, carlos santana, mr. satriani, steve vai (my spelling is tragic)
, etc.
i have been using and very happy with orange tree samples vsti, evolution rock standard.
awesome tool to get ideas from brain to daw.
took me 9 months to improve my keyboard technique before i could stand listening to the recorded parts.
there are a couple of tunes that have a chance of being picked up by an artist.
i live 45 miles from memphis, tn.
would consider giving percentage of writer credit to someone who helped take tunes to next
thanks marty2a

email martenp61@gmail.com
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Human being with feelings
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Default forgot something?

if you are young and have an old spirit that knows type of music described previously,
please drop me a line and lets see. surprises happen!!!
thanks km
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Human being with feelings
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I might be interested. I don't know for certain till I hear some music, but I can definitely try.
"I've never trusted Klingons and I never will. I can never forgive them for the death of my boy."
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Human being with feelings
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Sounds potentially cool but....

I have found you get more responses when you include a sample of the song or idea you're looking for collaboration on. Gives folks something to chew on, be inspired by and a reason to make further contact.
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