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Default Groovecube Exciton2 in Windows 10 64-bit - msvcr70.dll issue

Hello good fellows,
The challenge here is to make Exciton2 UI work in Windows 10 64-bit without doing any improper dancing.
I have installed this synth successfully over the years in XP(32-bit)/7(64-bit) according to these instructions (see below), but in current OS - Windows 10(64-bit) the Exciton2 UI does not show.
Exciton2 is a 32-bit VSTi

*Note - I currently have the synth working but had to install another application (BitrateViewer) to get around the msvcr70 issue/missing GUI (I do not want to install using this method in future).
This msvcr70 was, I think,already in existence in sysWOW64 ? as a component of Windows 10 OS,so why did exciton2 UI not appear until I installed BitrateViewer???

*Groovecube company long time closed/no reply to email
*Demo zip is still available from website should anyone want to test a theory.

Any ideas welcomed for a workaround that does not mess with OS structure/corrupt registry or install spyware.

*Exciton2 install instructions (from Groovecube website) -

"Please copy files to your environment as follows.

Check for your windows system folder (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM for Windows 98/ME, C:\WINDOWS\system32 for Windows XP, C:WINNT\system32 for Windows 2000) and search msvcr70.dll. You can browse the folder with explorer, or use explorer's search button or any other way you like.
If not found, copy msvcr70.dll (bundled with the product package) to the system folder (do nothing if you found one).
Copy Exciton2.dll to your host application's plugin folder.

About msvcr70.dll (Windows)
Exciton requires Microsoft shared library msvcr70.dll. It is bundled in the newest version of Windows and other recently released applications. But it might not have been installed in your Windows system yet.

You should not erase msvcr70.dll even if you want to uninstall Exciton. msvcr70.dll is a common public shared library. Number of other softwares are probably sharing this file."


* x86 vst2 plugins in a 32-bit Reaper in a 64-bit OS

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