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Default mix help

I've got to the point in this mix where if I do anything it sounds worse but it's not right yet.
It sounds a bit over bright and a bit muddy in places with no depth. I've compressed and equed and put reverb on the tracks I think need it and there is a vocal but I haven't worked on that yet.
Any pointers please?
Here's a snippet.

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Might be worth bypassing all the effects & trying it with a different approach? The mix you have sounds OK but a little distant, which in my case is usually though over enthusiastic use of reverb and compression.
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what Ivan says...

I´m an amateur without lots of experience, but had similar issues with my mixes.

My current approach:

-wipe all effects off
-Pan all channels to center, Faders to zero
-clean all tracks (remove clicks and unwantes noises)
-set pre-volume automation for all instruments except drums
-glue all tracks
-normalize all tracks to -23db (or LUFS, theres a sws action for this..not shure if that makes sense, but for me it works)
-after that, i take a levelling plugin to finetune the individual tracks down to 0dB Vu...this works also very well for me:-)
-After that do a static volume mix, take a part of the song you really like or you are familiar with and push the faders of the tracks up and down until everything fits (a good starting point could be the use of pink noise as a reference)
-If you got this one part of the song working well start with volume automation on the other parts, excluding drums and bass
-now look for unwanted frequencies and try to imagine,how the song and how the individual instruments should sound in your vision--this is the time for substractive EQìng
-try subtle compression on drums/vox/bass and undistorted guitars
-if it sounds homogenous and fits to your vision then it`s time to have fun...
panning, EQing, artistic compression (whatever this is), reverbs, delays an so on...
-try all this and much more back and forth and ask yourself if its getting better with anything you add to your song...

Most of these steps are more than boring, compared to slamming FX over all the tracks in front of you, but for my music it was more than helpful to work this list step by step in a robotic manner down, as then i found to have similar results for different songs.

Funny thing, i had a mixsession with my bandmates yesterday and they`ve been completly astonished, when i told them:"No, there isn`t any reverb or delay on it"

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I think it sounds quite good, but perhaps a little lacking in dynamics. the guitars are very samey in volume so it doesn't have that excitement factor. you could probably solve that with some automation perhaps. the drums are good though, which means you've cracked the hard bit, in my opinion.
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