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Default Koala, Roland SP series

Hey gang,

I find mobile/iOS/touchscreen apps quite difficult to use and I havenít found any that I liked until now. Iíve had a couple of days to play with Koala on iOS and I think itís brilliant. I also find it hard to make music when Iím not at the studio on my computer but I found myself really getting lost in this one.

I use a Roland SP-404 for its effects and I love the scratchpad type resampling workflow of these Roland boxes. I donít think Iíve ever seen a software emulation of the SP boxes done as well as this app (with an improved feature set).

I think this idea might have been bashed around a bit and there must be a hundred different alternatives and 3rd party plugs - but I honestly think the idea of a native sampling feature within Reaper that takes advantage of this workflow (record in to pads/banks, resample back into the pads, edit etc etc) would be amazing addition.

And yes, Iíve tried other applications like Ableton and FL Studio that are probably engineered with this as part of their core workflow concept - as well as 3rd party samplers like Geist which can allow you to record ideas into slots/pads. Somehow the process of wiring/assigning things and switching windows kills the flow.

Would love to know your thoughts if you've used the SP series or Koala and how you use them with Reaper.
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