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Default Media explorer enhancements

There are other places that are said to have been said, but I would be happy if the following contents were given.

I want you to be able to mark your sample. (Heart or check can be used, and there can be multiple types)
Furthermore, filtering by this check unit.
Filter by tags already in the sample.

Move and delete files directly from Media Explorer. (You can do this by specifying Windows Explorer in the display settings, but you should be able to do it with REAPER's own display)

I really like the amazing response and ease of use of the current functions, but if I manage a huge number of samples, I would consider using the ADSR sample manager, but if possible, this REAPER is easy to use. I would like to manage it only with Media Explorer.

Very simple, but more attractive than any other sample manager and loves this media explorer.
Thank you.
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Same thing here! I really want the dev team pay more attention to xplorer. It is a great tool.
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Enhance the tag system would be great too. Actualy, there is only one tag per file possible. Multi tags per file would be very good because the tag edit is far simple, fast and powerfull. The Soundcloud tag system is great!

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