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Default c't daw test results

The leading german computer magazine c't reviewed serveal daws among them Reaper 4.

Short summary:

Reaper was mentioned as the only "real" feature complete daw compared to the other programs (Sequel, etc.) and it was mentioned that the pricing is a real bargain.


At the end they came to the conclusion that Reaper - despite the fact that it is the most feature complete and professional offering in the test field - could frustrate new users with it's multi window cluttered UI that could prevent them from getting good results.

Although I am also a feature addict (where is Rewire64 by the way ;-)) maybe some developent time should be invested in "cleaning up" the menues or reduce the number of windows, e.g. by making all relevant windows dockable. Otherwise Reaper always be refered to as daw for geeks - or for people that have not enough money to buy a real daw. We all know that this is not the case.
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