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Default PC PS/2 keyboard as Rig Kontrol in Reaper

hey guys im looking for help on how to connect my old school ps/2 keyboard to guitar rig 5 in reaper. i know how to assign controls in the standalone program, and it works flawlessly; Yet, when i open the vst in reaper my keyboard isnt recognized as an external controller and my preassigned buttons/controls dont function at all. The buttons are instead controlling the DAW itself. im extremely confused. if i can assign locked controls in the standalone why is it that reaper reassigns the keyboard inputs for the DAW and not be able to switch the control on when i bring up the GR window? please id like to remain as low budget as possible..

what i want to accomplish in a more graphical sense: ps/2 keyboard --> pre-assigned controls in GR5 --> Reaper with multiple tracks and still have functionality in both DAW and GR5

please HELP!!!

PS: as a optional question.. is there any way to connect two ps/2 keyboards too one pc? as in connecting the second keyboard into the mouse ps/2 port? ive connected the keyboard to the mouse port, the lights turn on, then nothing happens.. no registered inputs and it doesn't even pop up in device manager. i just want to be able to have a keyboard with all the keys alongside my make-shift foot controller. lol
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In the FX window, right-click the plugin name and select: "Send all keyboard input to plug-in". See if that helps.

I dont know if it will work with a keyboard to the mouse port, but you can get ps/2 to usb adapters for hardly any money which would get you 2 keyboards plugged in, and to get them both working there are programs like TeamPlayer http://www.dicolab.com/
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