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Default retrigger midi note with cc?

Hi folks,
I'm doing sound design to picture and have a spinning wheel, like wheel of fortune. I'd like to retrigger a midi note every time the wheel clicks past a certain point. The spin speed slows down over time.

My question is, what is the most quick and agile process to do this?

One thought is to use midi notes. The benefit of this approach is I can design my sounds once, print them and have the audio files fired by the midi notes via a sampler, like RS5K. That way if I change the sound design, I don't have to replace those audio files down the timeline, just put them back in the sampler.

However, placing the midi notes with varying speed is a hassle. Is there a way to draw an automation curve that represents the retrigger rate of a note? I don't have to be exactly accurate with my placement, 1 to 1, but I do want to have the retrigger speed slow down with the wheel in picture.

Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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