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Default Crash when open emulatorX in FX chain (FIXED)

Hi after installing the latest build 1.869 the following bug has appeared.
When using Emu's Emulatorx vsti the program will crash with the vsti's gui in the fx chain (cpu load = 100%) , but if I open the gui in a floating window the vsti loads okay ???
Also I have noticed if I close the floating window with the emulatorx vsti the program crashes!

I have tried other vsti plugins and this seems to be the only vsti which is causing the bug.

Hope you can sort it

FIXED (1.870)

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Ah, a fix for Waves breaks EmuX.. fixing for 1.870.

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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Ah, a fix for Waves breaks EmuX.. fixing for 1.870.

Heh. Don't you just LOVE going behind other guys and trying to work around their mess?

This seems to be a PITA. Is this because everybody does not adhere to the VST spec? Or are they trying to exploit something outside the "norm"?

I know diddly about this kind of programming but I find it fascinating...

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