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Default Auto start & play Reaper like on windows


I have a Raspberry Pi with Reaper on it. I would like Reaper to open when the Pi starts up and start playing the project automatically.

I know there is a function for it on windows but than you have to have installed the SWS extension and so far I've seen that's not possible for the Raspberry Pi.

Does anybody have suggestions?
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I think you can do it with the application manager of the OS.
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There's a build of SWS for Linux on the Reaper prerelease server - see the link in the first post here: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=22836
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For launching things at startup similar to how the Windows startup folder works, I created an autostart folder at: ~/.config/autostart/ and it runs a script for my nVidia card at startup. I would imagine a script dropped into that folder could autostart REAPER at boot too.

There probably are other/better ways to auto launch stuff, but after trying several I found looking around the net, this was the only one that seemed to sit in the right spot for launching the task I needed.
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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
There's a build of SWS for Linux on the Reaper prerelease server
The one on Landoleet is out of date. The latest prebuilt version of SWS for Linux can be downloaded from https://cfillion.ca/files/sws/linux-latest/.
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