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Default Save metadata on project files (star rating, or other tags like text/note field)

Windows file browser/explorer has column for viewing star ratings a file has received. This is usually reserved for media files such as videos and photographs, and afaik clicking on the "stars" in the column doesn't do anything; you either have to go to file properties of a media file in Windows, or give the file a rating with a third party program (e.g. Lightroom).

So what I would like to see with Reaper is the ability to add metadata to project files, stuff that photography programs would normally add. There might already be some useful tag fields available in Windows (I haven't checked all of them), we just need a program that writes on those fields/takes advantage of what's already available in Windows. As it is, it seems impossible to add metadata within Windows, on any non-media files (you can add metadata on pictures, and maybe some videos too idk). What I would like to see is ability to just write something on a tag/metadata, so you can add notes detailing the context/relevance of the project file (especially useful with less recent project files, where you might forget what some songs are about, and how close they are to finish).

However, where I see most interest are the star ratings, because this is something very simple, yet can be quite powerful. You basically give high rating on projects you feel are important, and lower rating on "less important" projects (doesn't necessarily mean they're bad projects, it's just to help prioritize). This alone would help with a lot with prioritization and organization, but it works especially well combined it with some other tag/metadata fields (like the aforementioned "text field" for notes). I think the trick is to find good metadata/tag fields that already exist in Windows file/browser system, and incorporate those, and write on them.
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