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Default another collab..anyone for fun ??

this ones totally bonkers/off the wall...lol.
i was going to collab with someone on this but he got busy.
and i want to get going on it.
heres the concept...its totally whacky...
called "HI CLASS HOOKER" .....a fun comedic poke at the upper british classes that tend to use expensive ladies of the night....lol. its quite a fast comedic song.
if anyones interested i'll post the mp3 in the usual place of the guide bed tracks. (vocs/drums/rh guit)..its in its infancy so tons of places to be creative.
it needs on it proper drums/bass/lead guitar/organ maybe/back up vocs or anything else folks deem appropriate.
once again all contributions will be recognised obviously and named. if its done right i think it could be tons of fun and
turn out a good song.
if anyones interested ..shout...!...and i'll post the mp3
for a listen to the beds.
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Hey, I'm up for a collab over here! If you're interested in swapping some ideas, and mixing in some electronic madness gimme a holler. I think the collab could be pretty interesting (and comical of course)
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been a mad week for me with my wifes retirement parties.
thus i hope to be back at music next week.
and back at you.
thanks for your kind reply.
would be interested in what types of songs you like to work on ??
and instruments you like to play ??
fyi....i'm sort of "different" in my songwriting.
(fyi a music industry "suit type" once said......blah blah...
to be successfull you gotta stick to one genre.
sorry says i ...i am what i am....lol.)

each song is different. one minute i might do a blues, next MOR (lol), next rock....even done some rap.
in summary i like to explore every music genre.
if you tell me what area you like to work on it would help me
to provide the right material for us to collab on.
all the best.

if you want you can hear examples of my crazy little songs in the link in my sig. as to whether they are up your street or not. but be aware the next song could be totally whacked out/different genre. lol.
i just love writing songs.
fyi...strengths ...never have probs with thinking up new song ideas or lyrics. weaknesses....lousy at drum tracks/bass
and i'm sure lots of areas. lol.

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Hi Manning1!

I'm very new to Reaper and learning how to use it. I am a bass player, but also fool around with guitar and keyboards.

When I saw the premise for your song, I had to reply. I'd be interested in collaborating on this if you need.

Like I said, I'm new to Reaper, but have a good bit of experience in other applications. I've been into the computer recording for about 3 or 4 years, and music most of my life.

Reaper, for the most part, seems to be very easy to work with, when compared to my other apps.

If you want a small idea of my stuff, you can find it at:


Asses of Evil - my first attempt with a DAW - sound quality is pretty crappy due to equipment I was using at the time, but the premise of the song may interest you. This is currently being re-worked.

LosLobotomies (The TV Song) - my second DAW attempt - lot better sound quality due to equipment upgrades. Again the song premise may interest you.

CaCA El Grande - my 3rd attempt - This is in rework in Reaper as we speak. Other than using DOD for drums, I am playing/programming everything else here.

Having been a lifetime Zappa fan, I love saracastic wit. And, yes, humor really does belong in music.

Let me know if your interested.
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in the new year i hope to have more new song ideas ready.
apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
i'm up to my eyeballs with another rpr user currently
collabing on a neat song. thus my apologies.
but i hope to be freer in the new year.
in the interim i dunno if this might interest you.....
on my site in my sig is a song i wrote honoring reaper called i am the reaper. its open for any reaper user to add to and is slightly comical.
also on the same site is a song called build a man up ....
crying out for some sort of solo...like horns or flutes (masybe a synth to do this.) youll hear the empty space i left in the song. if it interest you...feel free to try a solo of some sort.
all contributions are acknowledged of course.
all the best.
ps....give me a few days to get straight and i'll post up
on somewhere like yourfilelink the ruff hookers beds...
and you can try a bass on it if it interests you.
yes v comical....lol.
OK...i uploaded the high class hookers mp3....
its just ruff bed tracks/guides ready for bass or anything else.
also needs lead guitars as well....peace.

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I dl'ed the 3 songs you indicated. I'll listen to them a few times to get a good feel and then see what I can come up with. I already have a rough bass line in my head for "hookers".

No big hurry on anything, as I'm just getting into collabs over the net, so I'm sure I've got a bit of a learning curve.

I'll post to you in a couple of days when I've got something decent.....cool songs by the way, I love the british accent.
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cheers, and thanks for listening. n comments.
lol...the brit accent is just one of many voc styles i do for giggles. songs are about haveing fun for me.
hopefully some folks get a giggle out of them...lol.
sure ..on hookers song...feel free..its kinda zany...lol.
just pm me when you have something.
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