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Default PSP Twin-L opinions

I've been testing this comp/limiter for the last couple of weeks and I think it's brilliant. The GUI is reminiscent of the Neve 2254, so maybe I'm being led a bit by my enjoyment of the Waves V-Comp. (I actually wonder how much the 2254 influenced this plugin, though it's an opto slash VCA comp.)

In any case, does anyone find this a most effective piece of software? I wish I'd bought it when it was on sale. I got the BussPressor instead, since the only compressor/limiter type I didn't have was the SSL VCA type. I'm happy with it too, but the Twin-L is very cool.

The zero-latency is very welcome in Reaper's input slot. I've tracked some direct guitar through it and the Code Red Ace. It was really effective in this context.

It's a very original idea, but it has such a familiar sound that I'm surprised it wasn't inspired by a specific piece of hardware (or two).

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