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Default desperately need a great sax (or other interesting instrument)solo on a song o' mine.

on my motagator site in my sig is a song called "build a man up"
that some folks seem to like.
its a song about how we should all help our fellow man/woman.
it needs one final thing to finish it.

there is an interlude starting at 1min 50 secs thereabouts (easily spotted..) that desperately needs an interesting solo.
being a guitarist i didnt want a same old guitar solo in there.
i wanted something different for variety.
i felt it could benefit from a sax solo or other orchestral instrument.
something very inventive...before the rest of the song comes back in.

so if anyones interested..please reply.
full acknowledgement will be given in the song credits....
ie..sax solo or whatever by xyz etc etc.

i should say the song was done awhile back...in another package i use/like before i got into reaper. but this should be no problem.
just import the mp3 into reaper and add your contribution on seperate track or tracks.

i would be really really gratefull to someone...if they could help me on this....any sax or other orchestral players here ??

cos it bugs me the song needs this aspect to be finished. cheers.

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