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Default Sending midi notes to Kontakt on different midi ports?

Hi all,

I've been spending hours converting these old vsl gigastudio sample for Kontakt. Setting up banks, imaging the workflow, etc...Ok, I got a symphonic orchestra at my disposal and they're always in tune, cool!
Problem: the way I imagined it involve using different midi ports. Thanks to the Motu micro lite, I can theorically do that. E.g.: My patches for the strings wiht sordino are on port 2, my percussions are on port 3, etc...
But how to tell Reaper to send some tracks to Kontakt port1 or 2? I'd also need to change the destination port in the middle of a piece.

Any clue? Thanks!

Ps: I'm famialr with midiyoke but couldn't figure the routing
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As far as I know VSTis can only have 1 Input port (Port A in Kontakt), with its 16 channels. But it may be different in VST3.

You could have 3 tracks (e.g. winds, strings, percussion) each with an instance of Kontakt. Enable all the Micro Lite ports in Preferences > Audio > MIDI Devices. Then select the Micro Lite Port 1 as the input to track 1, Micro Lite Port 2 as the input to track 2 etc.
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Yes, currently in VSTi version Kontakt can receive only from one MIDI port, not four.

You can work around this by loading Kontakt in Bidule, then using virtual MIDI cables to use all 4 MIDI ports, and then ReWiring the audio back to Reaper.

However, it is also good not to have too many instruments per one instance of Kontakt. I would use one instance for 16 instruments tops.
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