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Default Couple of reports re: recording on active comp lane when "Show/Play only one lane"

Using v7.11+dev0222 on macOS

"Record mode: auto-punch selected item" and "Options: When auto-punch recording into a fixed lane track, add the whole recording"
The recorded item seems to be overlapping and to not respect the record mode. However the visual glitch disappears when clicking the arrange view

A similar glitch happens with "Create comp areas for new recordings" disabled. The item seems to have been recorded on the comping lane (but without creating a comp area), but disappears when you click the arrange view.

Hovering the yellow bar right after finishing recording deselects the item

Just after finishing recording, "Item: Split item under mouse cursor (select right)" also splits the recorded item on the hidden lane
Clicking empty space to deselect item and splitting afterwards works as excepted. (even if re-selecting the item on the comping lane)

Something weird that might help troubleshooting:
Using "Item: Unselect (clear selection of) all items" after recording and before splitting doesn't fix the issue.
However using "Unselect (clear selection of) all tracks/items/envelope points" does fix it and the hidden item is left untouched.


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