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Default Hanging notes using the "Single-channel items on multiple tracks" option (FIXED)

Ever since I switched to REAPER, from FL Studio, I have found a bug that affects both VSTs, and hardware modules, that I believe should be fixed. Below is a description of the issue, with the file in question being linked, as well:

Channel 7 (imported as Track 8), a Trumpet, has hanging notes when imported using the "Single-channel items on multiple tracks" option. When imported using the "Multichannel item on a single track" option, this bug is not present, but it is no longer possible to record stems for each individual channel, which is what I normally do, when recording, using my SC-55 MKII hardware module. Exporting the MIDI from the "Multichannel item on a single track mode", and importing it using "Single-channel items on multiple tracks" does not fix the issue, either.

The MIDI file being used can be downloaded from here, if you wish to look closer at it: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachmen...45_Options.mid

This bug affects other songs I have tried as well, with this song being the most recent example. If more example files are needed, I will send them, if requested. This bug has resulted in me having to scrap several tracks, at this point, and I would like for it to be fixed, if at all possible.
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