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Default WAV vs FLAC/WV render - different output (with fx, resampling) (FIXED)

If I render or use the batch converter I get slightly different audio depending on which of these formats I select for the output.
This happens at least if FX or resampling is used.

Example repro:
1. Open the batch converter.
2. Load a file (I tried with WAV and FLAC).
3. Keep the source sample rate and source channels.
4. Add some FX, for example ReaEQ with some boost/cut. You have to change some values, not just load the plugin.
5. Output format: WAV 24 bit, then repeat with FLAC or WavPack 24 bit.

Alternative repro: no FX, but just change the sample rate (I tried with r8brain and sinc 786).

The WAV and FLAC/WV files are not bit identical. Whereas two WAVs or two FLACs or a FLAC and a WV file are bit identical and null to -inf.
(Once it happened that two WAVs didn't null either, but that's a different problem that I can't reproduce now.)

Reaper 6.47 64bit, Windows 10

I noticed this when doing some resampling tests. The WAV files looked a bit cleaner at very low levels.
What's going on? Some additional truncation for FLAC/WavPack?

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